Don't Starve

Update 429404 (28 September 2020)

Patch 276758 (24 July 2018)

Patch 246924 (04 January 2018)

New Craftables
Bug Fixes

Patch 246228 (04 January 2018)

Patch 245789 (04 January 2018)

Patch 243968 (04 January 2018)

Patch 243469 (04 January 2018)

Patch 222215 (02 August 2017)

Patch 205648 (09 June 2017)

Patch 198251 (10 February 2017)

Bug Fixes:

Patch 198177 (10 February 2017)

Bug Fixes:

Patch 198080 (10 February 2017)

Bug Fixes:

Patch 197843 (10 February 2017)

Bug Fixes:

Patch 190713 (22 September 2016)

Bug Fixes

Patch 189297 (05 September 2016)

Bug Fixes

Patch 184394 (01 August 2016)

Additions & Changes:

Shipwrecked and RoG support in the mod uploader
Revised grammar & fixed typos in many strings!
Merged several string changes from DST.
Adjusted some strings to bring them in-line with established lore.
Added/Fixed/Tweaked some sounds.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed issues with hound spawning related to moving between SW and Vanilla worlds.
Fixed Catcoon Den Crash
Fixed a crash on saveindex related to world options on SW compatible RoG worlds
Fixed adventure mode crash on SW compatible Vanilla worlds without RoG installed
Fixed a crash where GetClosestTile would crash due to a negative index on volcano
Fixed a bug where Wilbur would talk when repairing walls
Fixed a bug where the inventory grave would reset everytime players jumped between worlds, allowing for infinite item farming
Coffee now lasts for its full duration.
Locomotor speed modifier timers now respect long update.
You can no longer select invalid inventory slots using a controller.
Several items that should not have been inspectable can no longer be inspected when using a controller.

Update (04 May 2016)

Update (04 April 2016)