Infested Planet

Patch 1.12.1 (14 May 2018)

There's a new weapons patch out for Infested Planet, specifically improving the Planetary Campaign expansion.

Since our players enjoyed the procedural campaign so much, I decided to add a few new toys for free. Each tech tree is randomised, so adding a few new options is a good way to shake the game up.

New Weapons
Toxic Bomb
Cloaking Field
Radio Pod
Other Improvements

Enjoy the patch!

Patch 1.10.9 (9 February 2017)

Patch 1.10.8 (11 January 2017)

Patch 1.10.7 (27 October 2016)

Patch 1.10.6 (19 October 2016)

Patch 1.03.4 (28.09.2015)

Patch 1.03.2


Patch 1.03 (04.24.2015)