This War of Mine

A super quick update! (4 November 2020)

We had some free time on our hands - and were able to track down and fix some super minor issues in the game (like optimizing performance on older hardware and fixing glitches and issues on some newer machines). It's nothing content-related, so you won't see any bigger difference when you play the game. Our devs, on the other hand, will sleep better knowing that they've fixed some stuff that you've reported back in the day.
We just wanted to let you know what's up with the newest update - so you won't get alarmed. Thanks for understanding!

Update (13 December 2019)

This War of Mine | Tech Community Update - Fixes, tweaks, changes

Update 6.0.5 (30 August 2019)

This War of Mine
Fading Embers

Update 6.0 (14 August 2019)

Update 5.0 (30 November 2018)

Update 4.0 (31 January 2018)

Update 3.0.3 (28 July 2017)

List of basic fixes:

Update 3.0.2 (01st December 2016)

List of changes:
List of additional fixes:

Update 3.0.1 (01st December 2016)

List of fixes:

Anniversary Edition Update (01st December 2016)

But there is more! Thanks to your awesome feedback we were able to find, replicate and fix some common issues!

Major fixes:
Minor fixes:

Patch 2.2.2 (23 June 2016)

Patch 1.4 (15 October 2015)

Here we are with big news - This War of Mine - New Beginning or Update 1.4 if you prefer numbers.

The New Beginning Update (also known as 1.4) introduces few extensions to the Scenario Editor. This includes new, more diverse characters to multiply possibilities in creating your stories. We’ve also integrated GOG Galaxy so expect new achievements heading your way!

Additionally, new language versions are now supported: Turkish, Korean and Japanese.

Please keep in mind the game has more than 60k words now, so there may be some untranslated words or some things may be missing and still require polishing - so please give us feedback and we'll take care of that.

Additionally, fixes and improvements include:

Patch 1.3.2

Additionally, here's a quick guide on how to add own photos to the character editor:

Patch 1.2

This update adds a brand new shelter, from now on, each time you begin your story, you'll have a chance to start in the new building. You now also have the choice of the starting group of characters.

In addition, this update includes the following:

Improvements and tweaks:

-Some locations were enhanced
-Some animations were improved
-NPC behaviors were improved

Fixes and balancing:

-Fixed screen resolution and refresh rate detection problem, which caused black screen and / or computer freeze on Windows
-Fixed black screen issue on Linux and OSX 10.6.8
-Improved game stability based on crashdumps sent by players
-Fixed a bug with blocked container icons in the shelter
-Fixed a bug with blocked access to crafting menu (icon disappearing or not responding)
-Fixed a bug with the civilian becoming stuck in cover after being shot
-Fixed a bug with wrong number of civilians in the shelter simultaneously
-Extremely exhausted civilian will now lay on the floor instead of standing blocked after returning from scavenge
-The civilian who went to help neighbours on the last day of the war will now have a proper description in the epilogue
-Crafting cancel will return some of the resources now
-Civilians or NPCs should no longer pass through closed doors during a fight
-Eating Raw Food and Vegetables together is now equal to eating a cooked meal or canned food
-Quality Rollups price was fixed

Patch 1.1.1