Airships: Conquer the Skies

Update (27 October 2020)

I've completely reworked the conquest mode victory and defeat screens. There are now pretty new artworks courtesy of Karina, and a set of graphs and replays.



There is now a calendar. Research, construction, and city takeovers now show how long they will take. The calendar is moddable, and different for cultist empires.


There are also seasons now, affecting the kind of weather you get.

Community-sourced Balance Changes
Clarifications Hotfix AKA Let's Do The Time Warp Again

Update 1.0.18 (05 July 2020)

New Modules:
Bug fixes:
Known issues:

Update (05 July 2020)

There is now a fancier system for choosing the screen resolution and window size for the game.

You can now place and remove windows.

Update 1.0.5 (02 November 2018)

I bring you a seasonally appropriate monstrous update!
Gargoyles have started to nest in abandoned churches and factories throughout the land. These aerial predators nest in large swarms and defend their nests with acid spit.
What's more, strange giant red disks have been spotted hovering above the landscape, exuding a noxious yellow gas that is causing sickness and suffocation.
Defeating monsters can offer a new type of reward, a sudden leap ahead in your research. And with the new and improved Monster Hunter heraldic charge, you get one and a half times the research and money from defeating any biological monster.
Finally, there's also some nice new decorative windows you can use, and for modders, the ability to use frame-based animations instead of skeletal animations for crew.

Patch 10.0.3 (7th August 2018)

Patch (29 June 2018)

Patch (07 June 2018)

Patch 9.7.2 (20 April 2018)

Patch 9.7.1 (01 March 2018)

Patch 9.6.2 (12th January 2018)

Patch 9.6.1 (07 December 2017)

Patch 9.5.2 (27th November 2017)

Patch 9.5.1 (16th November 2017)

Patch 9.5 (06 November 2017)

New Monsters

Turtledoves - You have probably seen these float past in the background. It's frankly unkind to call these creatures monsters. They're peaceful and mostly harmless. You can simply let them be, or you can hunt them for their meat and shells.
Aerial Jellies - The giant, flying version of a Portuguese Man o'War. This one has a lot of tentacles and will rapidly devour your crew.
Cultists - These questionable clerics set up temples in remote regions and acquire followers with promises of a new morality, unshackled from common mores. Plus, they practice magic, which while rare, turns out to be real and very dangerous.
Stone Guardians - Gigantic animated stone statues that stand watch over certain sites. Are they protecting treasure or ritual sites? They come in a huge array of shapes and project glowing orbs of magical energy to pulverize your fleet.

New construction options

To round it off, as usual, there's a bunch of bug fixes and performance improvements. And with that, we leave the dev 9 development cycle behind and get started on dev 10, focusing on strategic conquest.

Patch 9.4.1 (18th October 2017)

Patch 9.4 (16 October 2017)

Patch 9.2.4 (15 September 2017)

Patch 9.2.3 (03 August 2017)

Patch 9.2.2 (19th July 2017)

Patch 9.2 (07th July 2017)

After a record number of beta iterations, Airships v9.2 is out! It introduces small flying units and troops:

9.2 also introduces two new monster types using the same code as the dragoons: clockwork wasps and giant bees. You can read about them in the new bestiary pages:

Patch 9.1.1 (28th March 2017)

Patch 9.1 (13th March 2017)

GUI Features
Bug Fixes