CrossCode 1.3 – A new quest appears! (10 July 2020)

Hello everyball!

It finally happened: As of yesterday, CrossCode has been finally released for consoles worldwide! And with today's release of version 1.3.0 we quickly follow up with a promise we made: an exclusive quest for the PC version!

The new quest is accessible in the end game (after you acquired the Meteor Shade) and can be found in Ba'kii Kum.

Version 1.3.0 additionally adds new combat attacks for certain (later) party members that were lacking in that regard.

There are also tons of smaller changes under the hood for the upcoming DLC.

Speaking of which...

DLC when?

Most of our time these days is spend working on content for the upcoming Post-Game DLC - and we're making good progress!
Our Private Beta Testers are also hard at work testing the new dungeon!
There's also a new type of weapon called Ascended Gear. It will automatically scale with your level! yay!

All that being said - we're still not done yet.
A release for PC will hopefully still happen later this year.
As for console version: the release of the DLC will take a bit longer, since all new content needs to be properly ported first.

And that's all!

Until next time!

1.2 Hotfixes (23 September 2019)

Update 1.2 (13 September 2019)

Greetings everyball,

the time for version 1.2 has finally arrived! And with it come new arena content and, of course, the New Game Plus!

New Game Plus is out!

The long promised New Game Plus is finally available! And it packs a ton of options that can modify your playthrough for additional challenge, experiments or pure silly fun. As long as you have earned enough Trophy Points to unlock them!

For additional challenge you can, for example, increase the damage you receive and the cooldown of your consumables, give enemies (including bosses!) more challenging attack patterns or reduce the effect of the popular HP Regeneration.

For perfectionist gamers there is even a mode that has poor Lea die after just one hit...

Dashing experts and fans of fancy witches can also activate Witch Time, which (heh...) will slow down time whenever you execute a Perfect Dodge!

And if you just want a fun time as an all-powerful avatar of destruction you can activate Sergey Hax and deal ridiculous damage with every attack.

Of course it'll also be possible to transfer your progress from the old game into the new one, like items, levels, botanics and more.

These are not even all of the modifications you can use. You better take your time to check it out yourself to craft your unique kind of CrossCode experience!

Lastly, some of those options, like Sergey Hax or keeping your old level, will also trigger a few special changes to the game's dialogue. Certain suspicions may seem very justified all of the sudden...

New Arena Content

As for the game itself, three more cups are now available in the Arena of Rhombus Square:

Faction Rookie Cup, Faction Advanced Cup and Faction Team Cup.

As the names imply, those cups center around revisiting battles from the quests that you have solved for the Factions of Shadoon. How well can you handle them at a high level, with top scores on the line?

Of course to access the cups you will first need to solve all the quests related to the fights.

With 3 more cups and their precious Arena Coins being available, the Arena Shop has extended its offers as well. You can now also find 4 pieces of unique equipment and also 3 precious pets. Ever wanted to have Death itself under your command?

Well, it won't really help you here but it makes for a cute companion, doesn't it?

And that's it for this update! Have fun with the new content and look forward to more in the future!

Until next time!

Update 1.1 (15 May 2019)

Hello everyball!

The new update is finally ready and with it you can now enter the arena in Rhombus Square and take on several combat challenges! Also, more quests!
Oh and in case you're wondering about the version number: we decided to call this one version 1.1 instead of 1.0.4, because the arena is a pretty major feature!

Rhombus Square Arena

The arena in Rhombus Square is finally open! In it you can take on several Cups each featuring a list of combat challenges!

In all cups, the enemies and bosses are upgrade to level 55-60 to still pose a challenge to your end-game character!
Additionally, the Rookie Cup can also be played with the whole party in Team Mode!

Each cup features a list of rounds that can be fought individually as well as a rush mode where you can take on all the round in one go.

Your performance in each round and rush mode will be evaluated with a score and rewarded with medals. For each medal you will then collect Arena Coins that you can exchange for rewards such as new equipment, but also decorative add-ons like...

Fancy auras!

And... PETS!

Yes. CrossCode now has pets. They will follow you around. You can even pet them. But that's it.

New S-Rank Mode + Quests

For this update we enhanced the Combat Rank system, adding a couple more effects when changing rank as well as a special S-Rank mode + combat theme! Also, enemies will now respawn faster during S-Rank making it easier to keep up a long combat streak.

Note: If you don't like the new effects and music and would like to have things as they used to be, you can disable everything in the options menu under interfaces!

As for quests, you will find more in this update as well! One is in the final Arid Breeze Quest in Ba'kii Kum, the other one you will find in Sapphire Ridge - check the bulletin board!

Additionally, there is a new challenge mode for the Turret Defense mini game, complete with a few new rewards to collect!

And finally, you'll find a couple more NPCs hidden throughout CrossWorlds!

Oh, and this update also comes with a couple new music tracks! Here a little preview:

That's it! Have fun with the new version!

... let's hope there are not too many bugs this time.

Update 1.0.3 (2 February 2019)

Hello everyball! It's time for another CrossCode update! Version 1.0.3 adds a couple new quests, more NPC dialogs and a few small details here and there.

New Quests

With this version we fulfill our long-standing promise to finally conclude "A Promise is a Promise" quest line! And here it is, complete with a new boss fight and a fair bit of plot development! Have a look around Rhombus Square and you might spot D'kar in a new building you can enter!

In other news: The Last Minute Heroes guild headquarters is finally open to everyone! And they even have a quest for you! However, you'll actually find that one in Sapphire Ridge towards the end of the game. Check out the bulletin board in the Cave Inn!

More NPC Dialogs + More

All the NPC dialogs of the recent contest have been implemented, so now you can finally find out what they have to say!

You might also notice that a new consumable item is dropped by the Moon bugs in Sapphire Ridge - you'll also find it in the Backer Store of Rookie Harbor.

And finally, if you'd like to see Lea acting out a very, very dated meme, try the new Caramelldansen bonus code.

Have fun!
Until next time!

CrossCode 1.0.2 (27 November 2018)

CrossCode 1.0.0-10 (09 October 2018)


CrossCode 1.0 Out Now! (20th September 2018)

It's here. The day has come. After 7 years of development, CrossCode 1.0 finally releases!

Well, what can we say? What a crazy long journey it was. When we started out with CrossCode we've been a small team of inexperienced indie developers. So obviously, we decided to create a fully-featured RPG. Which was stupid ambitious. Yet still... we somehow did it.

And that's because of you! All you amazing people that backed us on Indiegogo or bought the Early Access version, supported us through the years with feedback, suggestions, tons... TONS of typo fixes or just by cheering us on over all this time. You made it possible for us to not only develop all the content we originally planned, but also to improve the game even further, suggesting features and improvements we never originally thought of.

We want you to know that this means a lot to us. It's really hard to describe how we feel right now. Especially since we had to write this text 3 days in advance. It's probably a mixture of extreme happiness and total exhaustion.

We would also like to thank all of our publishers who greatly helped us getting the word out all across the world.

And now the game is out. So it's up to you to play and hopefully enjoy this game of ours. Let us know what you think!

Missing Content

Just because CrossCode hit full release, doesn't mean it's complete...!

Again, thanks so much for all your support. Now go play the game already!

Meanwhile, we'll try to squeeze in a little break to recover from the crunch.

Unless there are too many bugs.

Please... no more bugs...

Until next time!

Your CrossCode Team

CrossCode 0.9.8 (20 December 2017)

CrossCode 0.9.7 - The Last Area! (13 October 2017)

It's due time for another update! Today we finally release CrossCode Version 0.9.7 with a bunch of new content and features!

New Area: Sapphire Ridge

With Sapphire Ridge we now added the final outdoor area of CrossCode!
It's a medium sized area, comparable to Autumn's Fall, but stuffed with lots of caves and crazy environment puzzles!
You will also find a total of 4 new enemies, ready to be fought! Including new bugs. Be warned, Emilie.
Sapphire Ridge also includes the Cave Inn - it's not a full fledged town or village, but still a fairly large building.
Inside you'll find a lot of new offers for equipment and more!
Of course, Sapphire Ridge still isn't entirely finished. We still plan to tweak things and add more quests and NPCs to the area in future versions. But otherwise it's ready for exploration!


With this version we finally release Trophies, which are essentially achievements! You find a list of all the trophies within the Synopsis menu.

You get Trophies for reaching certain points in the game, defeating certain enemies, mastering certain feats and more! Currently there are a total of 171 trophies that can be collected... at least partly!

Note: Trophies are currently not connected to Achievements, but we plan to do so in the future (at least for some trophies). Once it's done, your trophies will automatically synchronize with achievements. So getting the Trophies now means you'll get the Achievement in the future!

Second Note: Some of the Trophies might still be buggy and might not correctly synchronize with old saves. Sometimes, doing certain things in the game might trigger an evaluation so you'll get the trophies at that point. Otherwise, you can report those issues and we'll see how we can fix it.

More Quests

As always, there are more quests! This time we have 3 new quests for you that you can find in Rookie Harbor and Ba'kii Kum. Each of them features unique gameplay mechanics or even boss fights! So make sure to check them out!
Here some impressions:
A very unique quest featuring a floating "ball" in Autumn's Fall!
Fighting Turrets. Again. This time on the ocean.
A boss fight featuring the most popular type of enemies: Sharksters.

Upgraded Portraits

With this version we finally got around upgrading a lot of the portraits from older versions, including Captain Jet, that Blue Avatar, and Satoshi:
Additionally, we improved all the dark shaded portraits of generic NPCs, adding more details and variations to more closely match the NPC:
We still plan to add more variations in the future.

More Stuff

This update features a couple more smaller changes:

More Stuff... but HIDDEN!
Just in case you wonder why this update is relatively small: we've been working on a lot more content in the background. Content that's relevant to the final plot. Since we don't want to release any more story until version 1.0, the current update turned out rather small. The same will be true for the next update to version 0.9.9. However, in turn you can expect a huge update once we release the complete story. That way, you can enjoy the rest of the story in one go!

In other words: Sorry for the small update, but hopefully it will all pay off once we release version 1.0!

And that's all for this update! We hope you have fun with CrossCode version 0.9.7!

And now let the bug hunt commence!
You know... the one in Sapphire Ridge... and the one in the code. x_x

V0.9.5-5 (12 July 2017)

The newest version should fix another batch of smaller issues, including:

Update V0.9.2 (12 June 2017) for Win & Mac only

Update V0.9.0-4 (15 March 2017)

Update V0.9.0-2 BETA (02 March 2017)

Grand Krys'kajo - The final temple of the Jungle
Level 2 Combat Arts

Also: we added a new Practice Arena in the Info Building of Rookie Harbor! You can practice all the Combat Arts to your heart's content without being limited by SP costs.

C'Tron - Now ready to join your Party

But that's not all! Party Members are now much more capable in general, as they will start using elements and combat arts during battle - and are less likely to fall into water... a bit. You also now have more options for your party's behavior via the new and shiny strategy menu!

Lots of new Quests
New Help Menu
Other Stuff

This update packs a lot of smaller cool features that are also worth mentioning