Planet Nomads

Update (17 October 2019)

Hello Nomads,

We've just released the version from the Experimental branch to public.

Here is the full list of changes:

Update (19 September 2019)

Hello Nomads,

We've just released the from the Experimental into the main game branch.

Here is the list of changes since last stable release:

Update (16 August 2019)

Hello Nomads,

Our new Keybinding and Motorized Joints update is considered stable now, so we've released it into the public branch.

Here is the list of changes to repeat:

Update (25 July 2019)

Hello Nomads,

Our contest on the occasion of 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 mission has ended and we've released the new update (version that hides it's assets from the main menu. You can also see the results in our blog post[].

We've also added some recent bug fixes to the build.

Here is the list of changes:

Update (18 July 2019)

Hello Nomads,

These days we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 and we have a special update for this occasion. We also have a creative contest for you, if you want to participate and maybe win some Planet Nomads themed goods, look at our blog post

The update also includes bugfixes from previous experimental release as follows:

Update (20 June 2019)

The full list of changes since last public version:
Various bugfixes

Update (03 June 2019)

Update (23 May 2019)

Update (10 May 2019)

Update (03 May 2019)

Update (18 April 2019)

Update (18 February 2019)

Tool changes:

Other Changes:

Update (14 January 2019)

Update (19 December 2018) (19 December 2018)
Update (19 December 2018)
Update (19 December 2018)

New Game Mode: Free Roam - you can play with your inventories without worrying about thirst, hunger, radiation etc.

User Experience & Survival Tweaks:
Other changes:
Bugs and optimizations:

Patch (01 November 2018)

Bug fixes

Patch (31 October 2018)

Bug fixes

Patch (11 October 2018)

Patch (01 October 2018)

Gleaming Wheels

Patch (18 September 2018)

Patch (12 September 2018)

Patch (31 August 2018)

Patch (29 August 2018)

Reverting back to

Hello Nomads,

We are very sorry about it but our last two updates introduced more troubles than improvements, so we decided to roll back to release.

We need some more time to put things in order. Now, we are unsure if we'll find solution to Unity 2018 related bugs or need to stick with an old version of Unity forever.


Hello Nomads,

You've probably noticed problems with cursor not locking in the last release. It's a known bug in Unity 2018.1, so we build today update with Unity 2018.2 and added some tweaks. It should be better now, but far from ideal. It also means that game will run even when minimized - it's a side effect of that workaround.

Also on Linux, there was a problem with duplicating letters in input boxes, that should be also fixed by this release.

However, we've noticed that some textures in game are currently pixelated a little bit, we know about it but don't know the reason. But we'll try to fix it soon.

One last change in this release is that we've updated our block shader to new API, and now blocks aren't so dark as in the last release.

Patch (13 July 2018)

Hello Nomads,

Current update does not bring new features, it's just "under the hood" improvements - this is the first time we built the game with new engine - Unity 2018.1. We do not use the full potential yet, we've just managed to fix all the code and compile it. In the next weeks we look on what could be made better with new Unity features.

As it is very big change in the engine, some bugs may appear and we are ready to fix them soon, just let us know on the forum if you experience any. Thanks for your patience.

There are also some minor changes:

Update (27 June 2018)

Updates - (13 June 2018)

Update (5 June 2018)

Update 0.8.14 (28 May 2018)

We have added option to freeze joints in a given position and some tools for coloring lights. More info about all changes is on our development blog:

Bugfix 0.8.13 (03 May 2018)

Hotfix (3 April 2018)

Patch (16 March 2018)

Patch (15 March 2018)

New blocks:
New features:

Patch (6th March 2018)

Patch (2nd March 2018)

Patch (16th February 2018)

Patch (02th February 2018)

Patch 0.8.7 (31st January 2018)

Patch (18 January 2018)

Patch 0.8.5 (05th January 2018)

Patch 0.8.4 (22nd December 2017)

Patch 0.8.3 (16th Decermber 2017)

Patch 0.8.2 (08th December 2017)

Patch 0.8.1 (01st December 2017)

Patch (23rd November 2017)

Patch 0.7.11 (17th November 2017)

Patch 0.7.10 (10th November 2017)

Patch (03 November 2017)

Patch (27 October 2017)

Patch (20 October 2017)

Patch (05 October 2017)

Patch (29 September 2017)


Patch (21 September 2017)

Patch (15 September 2017)

Patch 0.7.3 (08th September 2017)

New Alternative Wheel Model
New Alternative Small Cockpit
Improved Tree Sounds (5 September 2017) (24 August 2017) (17 August 2017) (03 August 2017) (27 July 2017) (21 July 2017)

0.6.10 Defend Yourself, Craft a Rifle! (14 July 2017)

Patch 0.6.9 (06 July 2017)

Patch 0.6.8 (04th July 2017)

Update 0.6.7 (03 July 2017)

Update 0.6.6 (30th June 2017)

Update 0.6.5 (22 June 2017)

Update 0.6.4 (16 June 2017)

Update 0.6.3 (08th June 2017)

Update 0.6.2 (1st June 2017)