Windows Update (04th December 2017) [Windows Only]

Patch 1.2.10466 (09th May 2016)

Patch 1.2.10463 (06th May 2016)

Patch 1.1 (14th March 2016)


Patch 1.0.10217 (03rd February 2016)

Reduced health for Abomination boss battle in Phase 1 and 3.
Reduced damage and acid range for Abomination boss battle in Phase 3.
Reduced number of creature spawns in B5.
Fixed stats saving on player death.
Fixed wobbly camera in character/shop menu.
You can not "over-upgrade" powers, stats and weapons anymore.
Some achievement fixes. If any of the past achievements are not unlocked, they will be recovered from saved save stats and unlocked when you load your profile.
Execution chance is lowered to 10%.
Bugfix for B3 Firerain (fixed glow).
Quest rewards for "Find Holloway" quest in A1 now activate after the conversation is over (to avoid the level up message interfering with the dialog).
Fixed default keybinds restoring dev commands.
Depth of field is enabled by default.
Disabled dev messages popping up.
By default, textures/characters will be set to "high quality" instead of "medium/low".
Fixed effects for two explosions.
Got rid of glowing grid from occlusion mats, now it's a simple dither.
Fix for subquest in C1.
Texture and material tweaks for White House assets.
B5 Boss battle - Alternate falling rocks in Phase 3 + respawning ammo.
C5 - Fixed hidden pickups between phases & pickups now respawn.

Bombshell --- Ion Fury Demo

Preview Campaign update 2 (16 April 2018)

Important Notes:
The save format version number has been bumped, meaning your old saves will no longer work. This may happen repeatedly during the In Development period.

Texture filtering options have been temporarily disabled as we continue to make improvements to the renderer. "Filtered" texture mode will return in the next patch alongside further optimizations.