No Man's Sky

Origins Update v. 3.00 (23 September 2020)

Update 3.0, Origins, dramatically expands the universe of No Man’s Sky. Explore a stranger, richer and more varied universe, with deeper planetary diversity, dramatic new terrain, a host of new creatures, new weather conditions, colossal buildings, and much more.

Our journey continues.

Planetary Generation
Planetary Visuals
Atmospheric Visuals
Star System Visuals
Planetary Fauna
Planetary Weather
Planetary Buildings
User Interface
Photo Mode
Crafting and Items
Multi-Tool upgrades
Portal interference
Other Fixes

No Man's Sky Desolation Update v.2.61 (22 July 2020)

No Man's Sky Desolation Update v.2.6 (16 July 2020)


Being a small dot amongst the stars can bring a sense of awe and wonder, but we've always wanted to explore a little more those feelings of fear and dread that come from being alone in the depths of space. Terror in the face of the unknown, or the dawning realisation that you're treading in the footsteps of those who met a lonely end at the edge of the universe - it's a rich science fiction tradition, and one not really touched on in No Man's Sky - until now.

The Desolation Update adds abandoned freighters to explore to No Man’s Sky, along with a very different style of gameplay. Alone or in groups, players can breach the airlock and explore the hazardous, procedurally generated, interiors of these derelict capital ships. The only trace of the crew is in logs they’ve left behind, a mix of procedurally generated and hand-written text that means each vessel has its own unique story for you to piece together.

The shattered interiors are also rich with salvage, including otherwise unobtainable upgrades for your own capital ship. Technology you retrieve still has the marks of the ship you took it from, meaning your own freighter will now reflect something of your journey.

But in the panic to flee the ship, hazardous items have spilled, defense systems have been scrambled and environment controls have begun to fail. Some vessels may even have been overrun by hostile alien lifeforms... You may want to take some friends along to increase your chances of making it out alive.

The Desolation update also brings improvements and balance changes to weapons and enemies for a faster, more dynamic combat experience. Weapon balance, effects and feel have been tweaked to provide not just a more engaging combat experience on these alien infested frigates, but across the game as well.

The full patch notes are here, and they contain a huge list of quality of life improvements too.

It has been extremely gratifying for us to see a huge number of new players flood into the game since we entered the GamePass program last month. It’s particularly exciting to know that, with the cross-play update, those players were finally able to join friends on other platforms. Unifying our community and all their in-game creations on one network was a phenomenal achievement by our small technical team. It’s been a real surprise too to see No Man’s Sky sitting above the likes of Red Dead as the most played game on GamePass.

As ever, the team has also continued to work on more updates. We have several more significant releases planned for the year, and we’re excited to share more news about them when the time comes.

Our journey continues.


We will continue to release patches as issues are identified and resolved. If you experience any issues, let us know by submitting a bug report:

Thank you,

Hello Games

Crossplay update (11 June 2020)

Hello Everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, we announced that No Man’s Sky was coming to Xbox Game Pass. We can now reveal that it will enter Game Pass on Thursday 11th June.

To coincide with this, we are releasing a Windows 10 version of the game which will also be part of the Game Pass for PC program.

This means that millions of Xbox One and Windows PC gamers who subscribe to the Game Pass service will be able to try No Man’s Sky for the first time.

Whilst that’s exciting itself, we’ve been busily working on something else in secret for the last few months. Something to allow everyone in the community to benefit from the influx of new players that Game Pass brings.

Do you have a friend on another gaming system with whom you’ve always wanted to explore the great unknown? A legendary base you’ve seen videos of but never been able to visit? A mission that you think would be great to play with friends on other platforms?

We are excited to be able to announce that, starting tomorrow, PlayStation 4 players, Xbox One players and PC players will all be able to explore, journey, survive, build, and trade together. Excitingly, No Man’s Sky is joining what is at the moment a fairly small group of games which support cross-platform multiplayer.

A tremendous amount of work has gone into this update and the underlying technology and systems. We’ve moved to an entirely new networking architecture, with more flexibility for the future, allowing players to play together regardless of platform. I’m very proud of the team that has worked so hard to make this happen.

Meanwhile we are continuing to work hard on new content updates, large and small for the future.

Making No Man’s Sky available to vast new audiences, and allowing those audiences to come together, has been something we’ve been building towards for a long time. We’re lucky to have one of the nicest and most welcoming gaming communities there is, and it’s a delight to be able to allow them to play together. The big question is, who have you always wanted to play with?

Our journey continues.


Game Pass
Cross-Platform Multiplayer
No Man’s Sky Friends
Chat Options
Quality of Life
VR Improvements and Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes

Exo Mech Update (07 April 2020)

Soar and stomp across the landscape with the Exo Mech update. Introducing a fully controllable mechanical walker, new Exocraft technologies, improvements to base building, and much more.


The Minotaur Heavy Exocraft Hybrid is an all-new way to explore planets. This advanced mechanical walker dominates the landscape and offers unique new technologies.


The Minotaur has a powerful jetpack that allows it to soar and slide with power and grace, bringing speed and excitement to planetary traversal.


Power your way through storms in the unique and compact interior of your new Minotaur mechanical walker. Steer, stride and leap from the atmospheric perspective of a mech pilot, and examine extra planetary data readouts in full 360° in VR.


The Minotaur is immune to all planetary hazards and is able to directly collect valuable materials, keeping its pilot safe at all times.

The Minotaur’s mining laser can be upgraded to a Terrain Manipulator, allowing it to bore directly through the earth.


Exocraft can now be upgraded with solar panels to recharge their engines during daylight.


All Exocraft equipped with the Signal Booster necessary to perform scans will now find that their scan reveals all nearby points of interest, pointing the way to objects usually found only through use of the Analysis Visor.


Players who own a freighter may now build an Orbital Exocraft Materialiser.

This powerful new technology allows you to summon your Exocraft whenever your freighter is present in the current star system.


Players who have unlocked decals from the Quicksilver Companion Robot can now use these exotic decals to customise their Exocraft.


A large number of visual improvements have been made to the lighting model, particularly outside on planets. Thin, moving objects such as grass, now appear lighter and more stable, and GTAO performance has been optimised.

PC players can now scale their game resolution without scaling UI resolution, offering more options for improving performance while keeping UI crisp.


Players may now construct an Electrical Cloaking Unit, a new base part that will hide power lines across the entire base. Power lines will still be visible while in construction mode.


Several fixes and quality of life improvements have been made to featured bases, including the ability to quickly return to the Space Anomaly (and your previous system) after visiting a base.

Console players may now disable the complexity limit, at the cost of some performance in large bases.

Patch notes
The Minotaur
Exocraft Hazard Changes
New Exocraft Technologies
- Perses now also offers the Icarus Fuel System, an Exocraft upgrade that recharges the engine during daylight.
- The Exocraft Scanner has been improved. Performing a standard scan will now reveal all nearby points of interest – i.e. all those that would be revealed by using the Analysis Visor.
- Added an Orbital Exocraft Materialiser. This is a new freighter module that will allow all Exocraft to be summoned while the freighter is in-system.
Exocraft Quality of Life and Other Fixes
Graphical Improvements and Options
Base Building Quality of Life
Bug Fixes

Living Ship Update - 2.26 (19 February2020)

Living Ship: Introducing Update 2.3

Explore space from a different perspective with the Living Ship update. Introducing a new class of biological ship, a new story mission, mysterious space encounters, space NPCs and more.


Living Ships are a new class of rare, sentient starships to add to your fleet, growing in dozens of procedurally-generated variations.

These biological ships have their own set of unique organic technologies, all procedurally generated for a customised, evolved loadout.


A new series of missions, Starbirth, will take players through the ancient Korvax experiments that led to the birth of these sentient starships.

Players who wish to incubate, grow and ultimately fly their own living ship should visit the Space Anomaly and follow the call of the Void Egg…


Pilot your sentient ship from its strange, organic cockpit. Grasp vein-covered tendrils to suggest directions to the living craft, and examine the unsettling details in full 360° in VR.


Experience rare encounters with mysterious space objects and strange new lifeforms while pulsing through a star system.

Investigating these may often yield rewards – or more dangerous encounters!


NPCs now have the potential to hail your communicator in space.

These alien lifeforms often stock specialty items for sale – but some may need assistance, or approach with more questionable intentions…


Managing items in the inventory has become easier with a new shortcut to instantly divide a stack in half.

Multiplayer exploration has been streamlined with the ability to warp as a group. Team up with friends and strangers on the Space Anomaly, then choose your exit destination to continue your journey together.

Game performance is improved across the board, with a focus on runtime optimisations for terrain, cloud and water shaders for PSVR and PS4.

Patch notes
Living Ship
Space Encounters
-While using the Pulse Engine to fly between planets, there is a chance of encountering strange objects in local space.
-Drop out of pulse-flight to begin the encounter.
-A large range of strange objects and exotic rewards await…
-Different encounters have different chances of occurring based on the characteristics of the solar system.
Trader Hails
- As well as strange objects, players may also encounter passing trader ships.
- These will hail the player while using the Pulse Engine and may need assistance, offer to trade, and more…
Quality of Life
Bug Fixes

Synthesis Update - 2.26 (22 January 2020)

We’ve released a small patch today to introduce some new items to the Space Anomaly’s Quicksilver shop. The Synthesis Bot has an exciting and diverse range of products planned for this year; we’ve enjoyed reading your requests and ideas and hope you’ll enjoy what we have lined up!

You can read the full developer update here.

From the Quicksilver Synthesis Bot

Commencing on Monday 27th, Polo’s Robotic Companion will begin compiling community research data to unlock a new category of customisation: coloured jetpack trails!

Over the last few weeks, explorers have also unlocked a number of new exotic heads through Polo’s ongoing Community Research request. Progress is currently underway to unlock the final exotic Traveller head: Iteration Ariadne.

Complete multiplayer missions at the Nexus to contribute to the research project, and unlock these exclusive Red, Green and Blue trails to apply to your jetpack exhaust.

Community Research progress may be tracked from your Mission Log in No Man's Sky, or from the Galactic Atlas.

Weekend Missions

Another planet has begun presenting signs of instability, detected by Priest Entity Nada’s specialised equipment. This time, the disturbance’s epicentre is originating from somewhere deep upon a distant planet, far below the sea level.

This weekend, Travellers may sign up at the Nexus to participate in the event, and earn generous Quicksilver rewards.

The Iterations aboard the Anomaly are expressing increasing discomfort about these ongoing disturbances. Speak to Iteration: Mercury before venturing out on the mission for more information.

Development Update

A minor game update to support the upcoming shop items has been released on all platforms today. We have another, more substantial update arriving in the not-too-distant future, and much more planned for 2020 that we look forward to sharing with you!

Thank you so much,

Synthesis Update - 2.21 (28 November 2019)


Today we are pleased to release our eighth free update to No Man's Sky.

The Synthesis Update introduces a number of frequently-requested features and improvements to No Man’s Sky Beyond. Alongside these new features are a large number of community-led quality of life improvements, as well as general polish.

Full Patch Notes can be found here: but here are some highlights.

Starship Upgrades

Visit the Starship Outfitting Terminal at a Space Station to add inventory slots to your favourite starship, or spend nanites to upgrade its class.

Starship Salvaging

The Starship Outfitting Terminal can also be used to salvage unwanted ships for scrap, granting valuable products and technologies.

New Terrain Editing System

The Terrain Manipulator has been improved and optimised, with new visual effects and new Restore and Flatten Modes.

Protected Terrain Edits

Terrain edits made within a base are now protected from regeneration. The protected edit system has been improved to allow more edits to be made before reaching the cap.

Save Custom Outfits

Added the ability to save a range of custom outfits in the Customiser, allowing for quick changes between a range of appearances.

First Person Exocraft

Players of all versions of the game now have access to First-Person Exocraft. Access camera settings in the Quick Menu.

New Features Enabled in VR

Features have been unified across VR and non-VR. Photo Mode and Creature Riding are now available in all versions of the game.

Space Map

The starship Space Map has been overhauled, improving the quality and clarity of the visuals.

Inventory Management

Inventory management has been refined and a number of UI quality of life improvements have been added. Items can be dragged and dropped to swap positions, or directly dropped onto damaged technologies for automatic repair. Control over stack sizes has been improved in the shop, transfer and charging interfaces. Hazard protection upgrades that are not relevant to the current environment are now hidden from the Quick Menu.

Quality of Life Improvements

Many frequently used interactions and interfaces have been sped up, and access to many features has been streamlined. Improvements include: instant access to the Galactic Trade Terminal; purchasing Planetary Charts from the shop interface rather than a dialog interaction; increasing the speed of the Pulse Drive; and the riding of creatures that have been fed only basic bait.

New Technologies

Many new technology upgrades have been added, granting abilities such as: long distance inventory transfers to and from freighters; mid-air jetpack recharging; and instantaneous emergency warping.

New Base Parts

A new range of triangular base building parts have been added, opening up a large range of new structures for builders.

Discovery Page Additions

The Discovery Page has been polished and improved, addressing a number of key bugs and usability issues. These include bulk uploading of discoveries; faster access to planetary data; and a better sense of position both on a planet and within the system.

Bug Fixing and Polish

A significant number of frequently reported issues have been addressed, as we continually monitor the community’s most requested fixes. The full patch notes for the Synthesis Update run to 297 items.

Base Building Improvements

Base building benefits from a large number of improvements, including visual and functional improvements to the snapping system. Existing parts have been optimised and building costs have been reduced.

More Storage

The capacity of the Storage Containers has been significantly increased. The containers can now be given custom names.

Personal Refiner

Added a new technology, the Personal Refiner. This equipment allows users to refine elements directly within the Exosuit, without having to place a portable refiner on a planetary surface.

Own Multiple Multi-Tools

Added the ability for players to own more than one Multi-Tool. Purchased Multi-Tools will be added to the Quick Menu for easy swapping.
And there are literally hundreds (297 in all!) of other bug fixes / small features / bits of polish that lift and bind the game together.

Thank you so much for joining us on this voyage. It means a lot to the team.

The journey continues.

Beyond Patch 2.06e

Bug fixes

Beyond Patch 2.06d (18 August 2019)

Bug fixes

Beyond Patch 2.06c (16 August 2019)

Bug fixes

Beyond Patch 2.06b (16 August 2019)

Bug fixes

Update 2.04 BEYOND (14 August 2019)

Full changelog:


Update 1.77 (25 January 2019)

Update 1.77 (14 December 2018)

Update 1.76 (29 November 2018)

Visions update (22 November 2018)


Patch 1.71 (02 November 2018)

Abyss update (29 October 2018)

Underwater Gameplay and Visuals

Fish and Underwater Creatures


Bases and Buildings

Freighters, Ships and Space

Missions and Progression




Patch 1.65 (19 October 2018)

Patch 1.64 (15 October 2018)

Patch 1.61 (28 September 2018)

Patch 1.60 (20 September 2018)

Patch 1.54 (08th August 2018)

Patch 1.53 (02 August 2018)

Fixes and improvements

Patch 1.52 (30 July 2018)

Bug fixes

Patch 1.51 (27 July 2018)

Bug fixes

NEXT update (24 July 2018)


Patch 1.38 (03 October 2017)

New save system
Improvements & changes
Bug fixes

Patch 1.37 (18th September 2017)

Today we’re releasing Patch 1.37, which introduces a number of improvements including a new ship control scheme for mouse & keyboard players, an upload all discoveries option and improved trade prices. This patch is available now!

New mouse & keyboard control scheme

In this patch, we’ve added a new ship control scheme for PC mouse & keyboard players. This option can be toggled, and changes ship controls to be cursor based, meaning you’ll be able to direct your ship easily using your mouse. In addition, PC mouse and keyboard players can now look around the ship’s cockpit by holding the ALT key. Note: This new option will be active by default, and can be toggled off by visiting the General Options menu.

Other changes and improvements

Patch 1.35 (04th September 2017)

Features and changes
Bug fixes

Patch 1.34 (25 August 2017)

Patch 1.33 (22 August 2017)

Patch 1.32 (18th August 2017)

Patch 1.31 (14th August 2017)

Patch 1.3 - Atlas Rises (11th August 2017)

Update 1.23(A) (22 March 2017)

Patch 1.23 (17 March 2017)

Path Finder Patch 1.22 (14 March 2017)

Patch 1.2 The Pathfinder Update (08 March 2017)


Patch 1.13 (12th December 2016)

Patch 1.12 (07th December 2016)

First of all, thank you to everyone who's been playing the Foundation Update. Your feedback has been incredibly helpful, keep it coming!

Following are the notes for our latest patch: 1.12, which addresses some of the main issues we’ve seen reported following the launch of 1.1 (Foundation).

Patch notes

[PC] Following reports of some people experiencing issues with the game while unsupported mods are installed, we’ve added mod detection which will show a warning screen on loading when mods are detected. A mouse click or button press will dismiss this screen. We have also introduced a new method for mod installation which should prevent player's games from breaking when a new update is released. For details please see the 'DISABLEMODS.TXT' file in the \GAMEDATA\PCBANKS folder.

[PC] Allowed remapping of the build menu and quick menu commands to support Azerty keyboards.

[PC] We've enabled a temporary workaround for the SLI issues people are experiencing. If you are running in SLI, please disable TAA and the game should run. We are looking into a more permanent solution to this issue.

Fixed an issue which, in some rare cases, prevented NPCs from giving you mission critical dialogue.

Fixed a bug which could cause core items to be transferred from exosuit inventory to starship inventory.

Fixed a number of rare crashes (if you continue to experience crashes, please send a crash report and include your crash dumps).

[PC] Fix for monitor detection on PCs with 3rd party remote desktop or screen sharing applications.

[PC] Running the game via the .exe file should no longer give Steam Init errors.

Fixed an issue where underwater buildings could spawn without doors which in rare cases would mean the NPC missions could not be completed. (Note: If you are still being pointed to missing facilities during the NPC questlines, you can either claim a new base and re-build the NPC terminal, or if you have a Freighter, remove the NPC terminal from your base and rebuild it in the Freighter. The NPC should then give you new coordinates. We are still working on a more permanent fix for this issue).

This update is live now! If you continue to experience issues, be sure to let us know by submitting a bug report here -

Patch 1.1 Foundation Update (27th November 2016)

Foundation update patchnotes

Patch 1.09 (16th September 2016)

Patch 1.07 (02 September 2016)

Objectives and stuck without Hyper-drive Issues
Getting Stuck in the world
Save / Load
Crash Fixes
Tweaks and Improvements
PC Only Issues

Patch 1289496 (22 August 2016)

Patch 3
Stranded in Space Station
Loading Corrupted Save Files

Patch 1287169 (19 August 2016)

Patch 1284085 (18 August 2016)

If you are still experiencing issues with the game then please try the developer's support page.