Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition

Update 1.25.0 (20 February 2020)
Update 1.24.0
Update 1.23.0
Update 1.22.0

Update 1.21 (24 October 2019)

Update 1.19 (27 August 2019)
New Features:
General fixes:

Update 1.18 (10 June 2019)

Update 1.17 (30 May 2019)

Update Content Drop #10 hotfix (28 November 2018)

Update Content Drop #10 (30 May 2018)

Content Drop #10 is here.

Become a mysterious survivor known only as Badlands Rider. Chase down enemies in your signature buggy and bury them deep with a new machete, crossbow and shotgun.

Update Content Drop #9 (17 May 2018)

Content Drop #9 is out now.

Let the Masquerade continue!

Select one of the four new players in your stash and hide behind the masks of Torero, Woodworm, Superstar, and Intimidator.

Update 1.16.0 (28 March 2018)

Update 1.15.0 (19 December 2017)

Dying Light stealth has just been redefined!

Equip your pistols with the silencer and don’t worry about noise anymore. Now your gunshots won’t attract the enemies, which creates completely new stealth opportunities - especially at night.

How to get it:

Psst! Don’t forget that silencer-equipped pistols need a special kind of bullets, called the subsonic ammo. You have the best chance to find them in abandoned police vans.

New Features:
General Fixes:

Update 1.14.0 (16 October 2017)

Dying Light’s Content Drop #1 – “Lethal Inventions”

Dying Light’s Content Drop #1 brings three brand-new weapons alongside three special bounties needed to unlock these lethal inventions.

More information on this and future content drops are available at http://www.dyinglightgame.com

Patch 1.13.0 (27 July 2017)

Dying Light’s Content Drop #0 includes a new faction of soldiers set to cause havoc in the Old Town, Mutated Goon - a new zombie enemy, new player outfit called ‘Hunted’ and a new weapon - ‘Harran Military Rifle’. The new content is available by updating to the latest version of the game.

More information on this and future content drops are available at www.dyinglightgame.com.

Patch 1.12.2 (13 June 2017)

Patch 1.12.1 (23rd January 2017)

New tobii eye tracking features:

Get more info at https://tobiigaming.com/games/dying-light/

Patch 1.12.0 (6th September 2016)

Dying Light: The Following DLC fixes:

Patch 1.11.2 (25th April 2016)

Patch 20th April 2016

Dying Light: The Following fixes: