Patch 03//22/2017 (06th June 2017)

Patch 03/22/2017

The Ancients Awaken patch (21st March 2017)

Note: the version number is currently 1/1/1970 - this will be updated soon.

The aftermath of the Ancient War was devastating. The victorious Orcish Emperor executed each and everyone on Dys who practiced dark arts and summoning. The indisputable power they controlled and carried within their spirits became too dangerous to be used in the wrong hands. The bodies of those once the mightiest commanders were locked and hidden away in the Tombs that are scattered all around Dys. Never to be found again.

Until one day two heroes disembark on an island and hear the call for help of an Imperial Archaeologist.

Patch 6.28.2016 (01st July 2016)