Patch 1.4.1 (13 December 2018)

Controller Support

Patch 1.4 (07 November 2018)

Player 2 can now play as Juicebox!

Juicebox's S.T.R.A.W.™ not only harvests resources but also brings additional firepower to the battlefield. But watch out, the creatures of Woanope are gonna try to stomp him, too!
But Juicebox has a few special moves up his mechanical sleeves - He can heal and shield flux, cause turbo and berserking, and even pull enemies with the drop of dbot!
And he's a great fishing partner!

How to Juicebox

If your device is connected with 2 controllers, player 2 can just press Start to join.

If you only have 1 controller, you can go to the Settings Menu from the title screen or the Control Settings menu from the pause screen and enable the Assign Controller to Player 2 option.

Other Quality of Life Improvements
Controller Support
BSID Interface
Story Mode

Patch 1.3.15 (21 May 2018)

OS Addition (19th December 2017)

Patch v1.2.18 (12th December 2017)

Simplified Chinese Language Support
General Improvement

Patch v1.2.14 Bugfix (28th Aril 2017)

Save System Change

Instead of claiming guest saves, you can now browse all the saves available on the device and COPY THEM to your account’s local saves. This function is to help players who has lost access to their BSID but still have the saves on the device, so that they can copy the saves over to their new BSID account.
Changed wording on save page to make it more clear that cloud saves are available to be played offline and should be kept in cloud unless you no longer want to play them.
If you start playing a new local save for more than 1 hour, there will be a one time prompt to ask you to sync the save to the cloud. This is to help remind players to KEEP THE SAVE SAFE!

General Improvement

Patch 1.2.8 (17th March 2017)

Bug Fixes

Juicemancy Patch (7th December 2016)

Controller Support
New game system: Juicemancy
Stats Overhaul - Multi-Stat Stacking
Debuff Update
Balance Changes
Bug Fixes

Patch (03 August 2016)