Update (16 July 2019)

We hope you’re all comfortable and well fed within your bunkers!
The team have just released a new hotfix patch for the game, fixing some bugs and adding further quality of life improvements.

Full details can be found below:

We hope these fixes and tweaks make your life in the apocalyptic ruins of Earth that little bit more comfortable.

Stasis Mode Update (15 October 2018)


Earth is dying. There will be no recovering from the apocalypse that man has unleashed onto the world.

The land is swarming with mutated people and animals, the weather conditions become more extreme week by week and resources have become all but non-existent.

Earth is no longer a home, you must reach out to the stars and find a new one…

Sheltered: Stasis - Objectives

In Stasis, our second scenario for Sheltered, you’ll be tasked with building and launching a rocket to leave Earth.

The game will be complete if you successfully find all the rocket parts and launch the rocket, or, if your family dies/become unconscious. There are eight different endings for Stasis, depending on the success, or failure, of your mission.

You’ll have 75 days to complete your mission before your shelter can no longer protect your family.

New Features

This allows the player to change the outfits/colours of their characters during the game. It must first be crafted by the player using the crafting bench.

New planter functionality (With new fertilizer item)
New UI label is displayed on the map for visited locations showing what items the location can contain (survival mode only).

Changing a party members loadout (weapon, equipped items and load carrying items) is now possible during an expedition (Using view map).

Clipboard now shows more information.

Unlockable, hidden items at locations (Require lockpick set, prospectors kit etc)

Radio auto resolves now give the player more information (If someone was lost in the wasteland etc)

Characters lost in the wasteland now spawn a quest in which you can release them from a prison. The character will then return to the shelter.

Characters can now eat meat from animal traps without having to first create a freezer.

New Icon & text for damage taken from bleeding, suffocation and radiation will display when a character is in the shelter.

Players can now reload their gun during combat (wasteland only). Ammunition is now present on the UI during combat, as is equipped armour.

Item Bin
Bug Fixes
One Last Thing…

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all our players who took part in the Stasis beta and shared their feedback with us. You rock!

To those survivors looking to escape Earth for the first time… Good luck, the wasteland just got a lot more dangerous.

Patch 1.7 (6th March 2018)

You’re Surrounded…

A family of three, desperately low on supplies, makes the tough decision to split-up. The father heads out into the wilderness to look for the vital supplies that will keep his family alive, telling them he’ll be back in 50 days with the resources to save them from starvation.
The remaining family members, a mother and son, barricade themselves into their shelter, desperate to keep the horrors of the apocalypse at bay...but it’s not just the mutated and starving beasts they should fear.

Seeing the family temporarily separated and weakened, gangs of bandits and marauders put their plans into action to try and evict the family from their shelter, by any means necessary. The family have faced bandits in the past, but something is different this time. These groups have found themselves bosses, powerful individuals that won’t go down easily…

Gameplay Changes for Surrounded – From Beta to Release

Patch 1.6 (New Items, Areas and Bug fixes and Breach Combat changes )

New Items:

Patch 1.5 (New Difficulty Modes)

This update gives you more flexibility when playing Sheltered, whether you’re looking for even more of a challenge, or a more relaxed experience.

Installer update (16th December 2017) [macOS Only]

Windows Update (04th December 2017) [Windows Only]

Patch 1.4 (12th October 2016)

New Content:

• New quest “The Scavenger”.
• New quest “The Missing Child”.
• New quest “The Briefcase”.
• New quest “Traders Turf”.
• New quest “The Hinges”.

Bugfixes, balancing tweaks and changes:

• Shelters should no longer be attacked by invisible breachers.
• Fixed various grammatical errors in English.
• Empty planters should now display the correct status text in German.
• Job queue icons now display correctly for coffee drinking and coffee brewing.
• Sleep icon now correctly displays on activity task list if character is told to sleep after performing another task.
• Lockpick set's description is now localised into non-English supported languages.

Language Update

Update 1.3

New content:
Changes/tweaks to existing content:
Bug fixes:

Update 1.2

New Items
Miscellaneous Changes/Fixes

Update 1.1

Main changes:
Balancing tweaks and changes:

Ver. 1.0

New Features
New Quests
New Additional New Features
New Changes and Balancing
New Bug Fixes