Update v2.0.5 (01 January 2020)

Update v2.0.4 (21 November 2019)

Update v2.0.3 (18th November 2019)

Update v2.0 (14th November 2019)

New Spell Schools and Abilities

Three new spell schools (Corrupted, Earth, Wind) have been added to the game, adding dozens of new spells for you to unleash and titles to unlock! We've also created a six new movement and utility abilities for you!

New Bosses

Five new bosses have been added to the game and boss fights will always occur at the end of a chapter. In addition, defeating a boss will now grant you a choice between three guaranteed unique items!

New Enemies and Improved AI

We've added over 20 new enemies into the game! Enemies have been added to all factions, each using magic from specific schools, and they will use much more challenging abilities and spells.

Each faction will only drop spells and runes of their associated schools/types, so plan your routes accordingly!

In addition, we also have completely overhauled our enemy AI, giving them more natural movement both in and out of combat. Casters will be more transparent about the spell they are casting and melee fighters will attack and move more realistically. Archers will spawn on battlements and position themselves to best attack. Some enemy factions will even move in formations!

New Chapter Map Markers

Our wonderful artist, Leif, has crafted some really cool map markers for our chapter map, which correspond to the difficulty and faction in the location. Difficulty locations can be risky, but will grant better loot!

New Expanse Mode

We've added a new way to experience Fictorum! This single-chapter Expanse mode of Fictorum is a large, dangerous chapter and is drastically different every time!

Improved Camera and Targeting Reticle

We've listened to your feedback about our third-person camera and have overhauled it to be smoother and perform better across the board. Appropriate channeling spells will even use a targeting reticle and adjust the aiming camera to provide a clearer aiming.

Starting titles have been improved!

We felt that several of our previous starting titles were derivative, odd, or just didn't work. After plenty of internal and external discussion, many starting titles have been drastically changed! Titles will have permanent passives (some of which are drastic and unique to the title) and will now appear on a starting title tooltip. Additionally, many of the unlock conditions for starting titles have been changed to improve progression and title unlocks will be triggered from prior playthroughs on game load. Lastly, three new unlockable titles have been added to the game, each utilizing one of the new spell schools

28 new achievements have been added

We've loaded a whole bunch of new achievements for you to unlock! Happy hunting

Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

Update v1.2.13 (8th March 2019)

Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

Update v1.2.12 (2nd February 2019)

Hey wizards!

We've just uploaded a new version of Fictorum full of fixes, a brand new Transcription feature, and a deadlier final boss!


This will allow you to spend essence to transform abilities into spells and vice versa, opening up all new possibilities for spell shaping and inventory customization. I'm already surprised by the combinations our beta players have come up with!

Improved Final Battle

We've received a number of complaints about our final boss being too easy and/or boring. Having taken another look at it, we had to agree! We've given the final boss new phases with plenty of tricks up his sleeves, making the encounter more challenging—even more so on harder difficulties! Good luck... :)

Minor Enhancements/Bug Fixes

Update v1.2.11 (2nd February 2019)

Familiar Enhancements
Seek Improvements
Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

Update v1.2.10 (2nd February 2019)

Hey wizards! We've been receiving a boatload of feedback over the last month and we've been using it to improve Fictorum. This patch contains loads of suggestions and bugs found by our community. If you've sent us a bug report or a suggestion for our game, we heartily thank you!

Larger Font Option
Disenchant All
Christmas Spells
Destructible Lifespan Improvements
Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

If you haven't left us a review yet, please consider doing so! We love reading about your experiences.

Update v1.2.9 (19 January 2019)

Patch v1.2.9a notes

Patch v1.2.7 (07 January 2019)

Bug Fixes

Patch v1.2.5 (25 December 2018)

Patch 1.2.4 (23 December 2018)

Major Changes
Holiday spells & Giftbringer title

We’ve developed brand new spells for Christmas and Hanukkah in this patch—Spread some Holiday cheer by crushing your enemies with cheery magical doom!

Event system overhaul

We’ve been inspired by some of the other games that we’ve played recently, which has caused us to completely rethink our event system. You’ll now see rewards before choices are taken and can even choose between possible rewards! Also, at the start of an Abridged mode game, you’ll be granted a choice between four options that can drastically change your character. In addition, we’ve removed or reworked all “flavor text” events that provide no choices, rewards, nor combat. And finally, the possible rewards or hindrances have been vastly expanded.

Channeling Spell Improvements

Channeling spells were the most often overlooked type of spell prior to 1.2.4. Many runes didn’t work with them, they were terribly inconsistent, and, as a result, were rarely used. With this update to channeling, the working number of runes have been tripled, allowing you more versatility with these spells. But be warned, your enemies will be taking advantage of the enhancements as well!

Targeting Improvements

Targeting has also received an overhaul in this update. Now, you’ll see the placement and trajectory of every instance of the spell that you cast, and the targeting trajectory will scale based on the collision radius. This can be performance intensive, but you can change the maximum number of projectile paths/area targets in the settings menu. Additionally, area spells will now use a trajectory-based targeting and will adjust smoothly to minor changes to pitch and landscape. You can also press the rotate view hotkey while casting a spell will activate the aiming camera, which snaps the camera close to the shoulder and reduces aiming sensitivity by 50%.

Animation improvements

Nearly all animation sets will look much better all around. Now, the Fictorum will take a different idle stance while in combat and can even use different animation sets based on the type of spell being cast.

Completely reworked tutorial

The tutorial has been streamlined and contains much better information, as well as a short chapter map. Upon dying in the tutorial, you’ll be returned to life in a safe location with tips corresponding to how you died. We hope this flattens the learning curve of our game!

Minor Changes

We hope you enjoy these improvements!

Patch 1.2.2 (19 July 2018)

V1.2.2 fixed Corrupted Assassin's, they should no longer remain invisible when close to the player.

If you'd like to chat with us about suggestions to improve our game or share any issues you encounter, we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us in whatever way works best for you.

Patch 1.2.0 (25 June 2018)

Major Change: New Runes

New runes can be found throughout the world! These powerful spell augments are Sentinel, Storm, Familiar, Bounce, Chaos, and Order.

Major Change: New Spells and Abilities

New spells and abilities can now be found throughout the world! They are Flareus, Sparkwhip, and Witchslap.

Major Change: New Game Mode

We put together a new shorter, hardcore only game mode for players to try. This is still in its preliminary stages and may evolve in the future.

Major Change: Observer Mode

Players can now take control of an observer and view the world in slow-motion.

Major Change: Cone of Cold Improvements

Cone of Cold has been significantly improved by granting the player the ability to create walkways, bridges, and ramps.

Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes
What's Next?

Now that we've improved the overall quality and internal structure of Fictorum, we are ready to focus our efforts on adding new content. Additionally, we're on a much more recent version of the Unreal Engine and have no plans to upgrade again (which was the source of most of our dev time in releasing this version), which means that we can get future updates out much more frequently.

Here are a few of the things that we're planning:
Add new events into rotation
Add new capabilities to events
Create new bosses, champions, and standard enemies

We hope you're as excited about these changes as we are. If you'd like to chat with us about suggestions to improve our game or share any issues you encounter, we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us in whatever way works best for you.

Patch 1.1.05 (01 June 2018)

Patch 1.1 (10 May 2018)

Major Change: Performance Improvements

We've made massive performance boosts throughout Fictorum! The areas that you'll see the biggest changes are:

Major Change: Camera Improvements
Major Change: Gamepad UI Improvements
Major Change: Event Rewrites
New Starting Text:
Major Change: AI Improvements
Major Change: Physics Improvements
Major Change: Enemy Spell Variation

Patch 1.0.6 (24 August 2017)

Patch 1.0.5 (10 August 2017)