Death Road to Canada

Update 05.12.2017 (07 December 2017)

Golden Skulls
Rare Events and Encounters
New Characters
New Weapons
Tweaks and Fixes

Update 07 August 2017

Update 30 June 2017


Update 19 June 2017

New Unlock System
Ending Changes
New Characters
New Text Events
New Perks
New Traits
Tnomey, the Trader Gnome

Zombo Town

New Player-Usable Weapons

New Special Character Only Weapons

Passive Unlocks from Unomey the Unlock Gnome

UI and System Changes

Misc Changes

BRAINSTEM Update (21 April 2017)

Misc Fixes

Patch (23 March 2017)

New Weapon Buyer feature added to the Trading Camps!
New Characters
New Weapons
Misc Changes

Halloween Update (31 October 2016)