Death Road to Canada

HUMERUS Update (06 November 2018)

New Changes 11/4
New Changes 10/29
Major Features
Tweaks and Fixes
Next Update Plans

GIZZARD Update (18 June 2018)

Canada Crossing Changes (SPOILERS)
Next Update Plans

FEMUR Update (30 March 2018)

The FEMUR Update adds the strongest zombie destroying weapon, a weapon that the government does NOT want you to know about.


Very strong characters that are over the usual strength maximums can now rip up previously immobile objects, with bolts flying out everywhere. TSTC and TLB fans now have more reasons to be swole.

In addition to the devastating power of newly throw-able sinks, bathtubs, and toilets, this update also adds bonesaws and a new bow and arrows weapon type. You can unlock a new perk that grants a starting bow with regenerating arrows. A fully drawn bow can sometimes send an arrow through an entire line of zombie heads!

The FEMUR Update adds a new special character that gets a bow in one weapon slot, and then a random melee weapon. This melee weapon changes every location, and can include some of the strongest weapons in the game. Or it can be a nice shovel. We've also added fixes, a new holiday event, and the ability to access the options menu through the pause screen.

EDIT 3/27: We've also done a small bonus update to add 5 new common trading camps, for 15 total! They all have new things to set them apart from the original 10 camps. The bonus update notes have been added to the update changes below.

Future Update Plans

We're planning an update some time in May, with some new content. New special character, a new location type, some new rare trading camps. This will include some new weapons and possibly common traders. By the time the May update hits, Death Road to Canada should also be out on consoles!

Then we're gearing up for the 2nd Anniversary Update in July! We're hoping to have one or two big new additions to the game ready for the Anniversary. We took a poll recently, and it looks like the two biggest requests were 4 Players in co-op and new Gameplay Modes. My top idea for a new mode is the Endless Mode idea we wanted to do before.

If we add 4 Player co-op, it would also include some features we were holding off on in hopes of doing 2 players with splitscreen first. This includes player 2 not losing control immediately if player 1 dies. We would also like to look into more co-op requests, such as making room transitions more smooth for player 2 and onward.

Update Changes
3/27 Bonus Update
3/12 Update
Earlier February Update

Update 05.12.2017 (07 December 2017)

Golden Skulls
Rare Events and Encounters
New Characters
New Weapons
Tweaks and Fixes

Update 07 August 2017

Update 30 June 2017


Update 19 June 2017

New Unlock System
Ending Changes
New Characters
New Text Events
New Perks
New Traits
Tnomey, the Trader Gnome

Zombo Town

New Player-Usable Weapons

New Special Character Only Weapons

Passive Unlocks from Unomey the Unlock Gnome

UI and System Changes

Misc Changes

BRAINSTEM Update (21 April 2017)

Misc Fixes

Patch (23 March 2017)

New Weapon Buyer feature added to the Trading Camps!
New Characters
New Weapons
Misc Changes

Halloween Update (31 October 2016)