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Slay the Dance Floor update hotfix 1 (31st August 2017)

Slay the Dance Floor update (30th August 2017)

Expansion Day Is Here!!

The day has come, and our free expansion is here! So much new stuff to play and do, let's get right to the things!

Local Multiplayer support has been added across all game modes!
Story, Freeplay, Sidequests, Arena, Endless, and more..! Every challenge and song has been rebalanced to support two players and has its own separate multiplayer leaderboard.
Some abilities may work slightly different in two-player, and, from what we've seen, different parties thrive!

A Competitive Mode has been combined into co-op in two-player Freeplay Mode!
Compete for lanes to get most kills, most crits, cures, etc to jocky for MVP trophies. Track your records to school your friends.

Endless Mode is now available!
Unlocked by beating the Story Mode boss, battle against an unlimited playlist of songs as the enemies' levels slowly increase, and a variety of mods get stacked against you.
Use and swap through your entire team and all their skills to combat hero knockouts, equipment breaks, and even skill lockouts.
Gain and spend Battle Points to empower your current run, or save them up to unlock permanent cross-mode rewards.
The faster you go, and the more mods that are applied, the more points you'll get. However! Fail to defeat a song's boss before it ends, and your run is over.
Stack more mods early, while the enemies are weaker, to build up battle points. Or! Run, afraid, from modifiers, to get as deep as you can! Two leaderboards exist!

A new (secret!) hero has been added to the game.
Equipped with some totally unique attacks and buffs, he's capable of filling a number of party roles.
A Hint to Unlock: Are there new sidequests around..?

New Hero and Global Passive Abilities have been added, unlockable through Endless Mode.
Usable in both Story and Endless Modes, we've seen these totally change the best-party meta!

The Scoring System is now changed!
Enemy kills are now worth points according to the enemy's Max HP. So, the more aggressive you are, the higher your score can go! Bring that RPG strategy to bear!
Just don't die!

A new cheat code has been added!
Ten-song seeded speed runs! Enter a seed to play a different repeatable playlist each time.
Perfect for another.... WEINER Tournament format..?

Patch 20.02.2017 (28th February 2017)

Patch 02.02.2017 (3 February 2017)

Along with some balance updates, minor fixes, and preparatory updates for some Large pending feature additions, this new build adds full Text-Only game support for two new languages:

Patch 22.12.2016 (22nd December 2016/)

Patch 07.12.2016 (06th December 2016)

Patch 28.10.2016 (28th October 2016)

Patch 27.10.2016 (27th October 2016)

Patch 19.10.2016 (19 October 2016)

Enhancement Patch (18 October 2016)

New Features by Request:

Patch (gog-4) [OSX only] (13th October 2016)