MaGog is a search engine for GOG games.
if you wish, please also take a look at a couple of my non-game projects: my first novel and my website about Finnegans Wake.
MaGog will be gone on 1 January 2021. If you still have any personal data stored through it, you will want to move it elsewhere before that date.
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  • MaGog is not affiliated with GOG. Please do not bother GOG's support people ("our boys in blue") with anything concerning it.
    Any MaGog-related comments, questions, feature requests, bug reports, etc. should be posted here.
  • MaGog uses its own database, which is updated four times a day against GOG.
    Some of the information it displays (e.g. prices, new games) may therefore be slightly out of date (up to 7 hours).
    The current database was last updated about 5-6 hours ago.
  • The current database in text format can be seen and downloaded here.
    If you plan to import it into a spreadsheet, the field separator is a vertical line ("|").
  • [French accent] Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once.
    If you haven't yet, please take the time to go through the tutorial, which describes in detail features new to recent versions.
  • Warning! Please note that some browsers delete your "local storage" when you delete cookies.
    MaGog uses the local storage to keep your selections (e.g. checkbox values) from session to session.
    It also uses it to store your own data about each game (the one you input through the "My Fields" or "Get From GOG" interfaces).
    You might want to avoid deleting cookies for (MaGog's domain)... or not; it's up to you.
    Finally, don't forget you can use "Export My Data" to backup your data against inadvertent deletions.
  • Credits: The GOG font was designed by ceemdee. The Addition Date information was initially collected by JMich.
    Icons were obtained from Free Favicon, Design of Signage Systems, Icon Archive, Wikimedia Commons, ESRB, USK, PEGI and GOG.
    Javascript modules were obtained from Opentip, GitHub (FileSaver) and OpenJs (Shortcuts).
    The Game Length (How Long To Beat) information is semi-regularly retrieved from HowLongToBeat.
    The Steam-related information is semi-regularly retrieved from SteamDB and from Steam.
    The Metacritic-related information is semi-regularly retrieved from Metacritic.
    The PCGamingWiki-related information is semi-regularly retrieved from PCGamingWiki.
    The Gogmixopedia (historical data in JSON format can be found here) had been compiled (a long long time ago) by
          Grargar (DOSBox, Serial Numbers), Ingsoc85 (Redeemable), fronzelneekburm (Second Class), Treasure (Missing Manuals),
          gamefood (Demos), PaterAlf (Free Added Content), ElTerprise (Regional Locking, previously maintained by IAmSinistar),
          SeduceMePlz (Pre-Order Exclusives).
  • MaGog does not stand for "More About Good Old Games".